Wilson Forest Products LLC

Producers of premium cooperage stock and casks

Our Products

Export Grade Staves

Our export grade staves are milled using the most up-to-date milling technology. We utilize thin-kerf bandsaws and computer controlled, optimizing chop saws to increase yield and production. Each stave is then inspected by our team of highly trained stave graders to ensure quality. We produce a wide range of stave lengths, which include, 39-40” (99cm), 43” (109cm), 46” (117cm) and 52” (132cm). Once the export grade staves are produced, graded and sorted by length, they are palletized on IPPC/ISPM 15 heat treated pallets and prepared for shipment.

Export Grade Heading

Like our export grade staves we mill our export grade heading with the same up-to-date milling process. Each piece of heading undergoes the same rigorous grading process as our export grade staves. As with the staves the export grade heading is milled in various lengths ranging from, 18” (46cm) to 32” (81cm). After the milling process, the same IPPC/ISPM 15 heat treated pallets are used for or heading as well.

Premium Casks

The oak we use in the production of our casks is sourced from the same high-quality timber that we use to manufacture our export grade staves and heading. Tight to medium-grained staves and heading are used to produce a cask that meets our customer’s rigorous criteria for flavor and taste profiles. As with our staves and heading optimizing equipment is used to manufacture our casks, while still retaining that human touch. By using the latest technology, we increase our yield and production while staying sustainable for the future. Proper toasting techniques are the backbone of any cask. Laser temperature gauges ensure that the cask reaches the optimal temperature to achieve the required toast level. We can toast our casks several different ways, light, medium plus, and heavy. Also offered are the typical char levels # 1-4. Please contact us to discuss your cask needs.

Specialty Cooperage Stock

We also offer specialty cooperage stock, such as, vat or tank stock. Our vat/tank stock is produced to the customer’s dimensions and thickness. Also produced are certain oak alternative products. We can manufacture raw tank liners and barrel liners. Please contact us for availability and pricing.